For any health condition we identify, we will develop medical evidence to support your pursuit of the VA disability benefits you medically, legally and ethically qualify for.

We NEVER charge any fees unless you receive a benefit from our services. 

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Our VetMed Specialists are Ready to Help You Get The Benefits You've Earned

We aim to get you the medical evidence you need to support your claim and increase your chances of getting the disability benefits you qualify for.

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This is an advertisement for services brought to you by Trajector Medical. We work to help find veterans who may benefit from medical evidence development solutions

Who We Are:

A Veteran-owned and operated company founded in 2014 that develops medical evidence to support your pursuit of the VA disability benefits you medically, legally, and ethically qualify for.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of Veterans just like you to get the most accurate disability rating their conditions warrant.

"Trajector Medical made a huge difference in my disability rating. Their diligence in helping me develop accurate medical evidence to support my claim was invaluable."

- Mike, U.S. Army Veteran

Will you submit my paperwork for me? 

At Trajector Medical, we ONLY help with medical evidence development. If you need help submitting paperwork, we recommend working with your local VSO.





Do you do anything that I can't actually do on my own?

YES! Our team, which includes nurses and trained medical professionals, uses a unique multi-stage process to help you collect, analyze, and then connect your medical to your military service.



How much of an increase can I expect in my disability rating?  

While we cannot guarantee that our medical evidence will help you get an increase, we can say that many veterans we've worked with have seen a 40% increase in their rating after using the accurate medical evidence we developed for them.